Jenny Shanebrook is a dental assistant and team member at Hale Family Dentistry

Jenny Shanebrook

Dental Assistant

  • Expanded Functions Dental Assistant
  • 26 Years of Dental Assisting
  • Radiography Certified
  • Annual Continuing Education Courses


Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Jenny is a team player. Her title is Dental Assistant, but she knows how to do almost anything in the office. As Dr. Hale’s right-hand-woman she will dive into challenges and pick-up helpful tasks in her downtime to just “pass the time.” When you meet Jenny, you feel like you’ve known her for years. Her compassion to understand your needs and goals is a priority.

Jenny grew up in New Haven and still resides there today. Crafting is her hobby, but she could make a living out of it. She enjoys perfecting her lettering and calligraphy in her free time. She also has the cleanest house in town and we are grateful for her cleaning skills in the office as well. She loves to take advantage of all the Fort Wayne trails on her bike, as you can see in the picture below.

You will likely meet Jenny during your first appointment with Dr. Hale. Schedule a dentist appointment or stop by to meet her and the rest of the Hale Dentistry staff.

“I love interacting with the patients and getting to know them on a personal level.”

Learn more:
For information about dental assistant requirements, please visit the Dentist Assisting National Board website.

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