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Cavity Fillings in Fort Wayne

Have you been told you have a cavity, need a cavity filled, or perhaps you suspect a cavity based on your symptoms? Cavities come in all shapes and forms. Invisible to the naked eye or clear as day. They are tricky health problems that can affect all sides of every tooth in your mouth. The various types of cavities are categorized by the number of affected surfaces, from one to four. Some are small, yet some may cause extreme sensitivity and cover the entire tooth. It is essential to repair the abnormality, no matter the shape, size, or form it presents.

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What are the symptoms of a cavity?

You may or may not have symptoms of a cavity. Signs of a cavity depend on how large it is and where it is on the tooth. Some are not easy to diagnose without the expertise of a dentist and high-tech X-Rays. You may experience sensitivity to cold, hot, or sweets. This sensitivity can be immediate, lingering, or spontaneous. Depending on the depth of a cavity, the tooth may need more treatment to restore it back to health. One of the most common questions we get is “How long can I wait to fill my cavity?” We recommend getting the cavity filled as soon as possible.

Why you shouldn’t wait to have your dentist fill your cavities:

  • The cavity will not heal itself.
  • It can deepen and worsen over time.
  • More extensive treatment may need to be done if put off too long.
  • Pain and infection may happen

Preventing further decay is essential to the health of the tooth and your overall health.

How do you repair a cavity?

When your dentist diagnoses a cavity in your mouth, it means that there is decay. The more technical term for decay is “dental caries”, and a more child-friendly term is sugar bugs. Your dentist removes the decay by using various dental tools and restores the tooth with materials that look and feel like a normal tooth.

There are different types of filling material that a dentist can use to repair the tooth and fill the cavity. At Hale Dentistry, we use only the best, safest, and most recommended treatment in the industry – a composite filling.

Many people are unaware, but composite is the highest grade of cavity filling material. This tooth-colored filling has been durable for many years and does not contain any harmful ingredients that adversely affect your health. Composite materials are scientifically manufactured to match the tooth’s color, unlike gold or silver fillings.

Tooth Cavity Process
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How to Prepare to have a Cavity Filled at Hale Family Dentistry

Many people have great anxiety around visiting the dentist and coming in for treatment can sometimes be more overwhelming. Fear not! Hale Family Dentistry are pros. It’s what we are here for and we will take care of you every step of the way. Cavity fillings, in general, are routine services done thousands of times by Dr. Jonathan Hale and our providers. Coming in for a filling is not an invasive procedure and does not typically cause soreness or pain afterward. The appointment time runs less than one hour and we never do more than one part of the mouth at one appointment. We want you to enjoy your time with us in a relaxing and joyful environment. You will never feel pressured to complete hours’ worth of treatment in one sitting.

As you can see, a lot goes into how a cavity forms and is repaired. Dr. Hale is an expert in filling cavities and restoration treatments for his patients. It is essential to have your cavities treated promptly, no matter your age.

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