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What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is an excellent way to close gaps between teeth, rebuild your smile, and improve your oral health. When a tooth is removed, it leaves an empty space in your mouth that shouldn’t be ignored.

Learn about what it means when your dentist recommends a dental bridge, the reasons it’s beneficial to your health, and why it’s an affordable long-term solution that won’t break the bank. Dental bridges are viable tooth replacement options for full-smile makeovers, cosmetic dentistry, and alternatives for implants and dentures.

Bridges are typically used to restore small areas of missing teeth. One or two missing teeth can easily be restored with a bridge if the adjacent teeth are strong. They are almost as durable and long-lasting as an implant, but without the hefty price tag. In addition, bridges are much more functional than a removable partial denture or flipper tooth.

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Benefits of Bridge for Tooth Replacement

  • Maintain the natural alignment of teeth
  • Prevent jawbone deterioration
  • Preserve the facial structure
  • Bridges are made to match the color, shape, and size of your surrounding teeth
  • Bridges are long-lasting and affordable

Dental Bridge Treatment at Hale Family Dentistry

Our office is dedicated to making your visit enjoyable. If your bridge in near the front, we can even do a custom-shade to match your surrounding teeth perfectly. In addition, We offer many amenities to help ease anxiety and make you feel comfortable while you are here.

Having a dental bridge installed is not an easy choice, but it is one of the top choices for tooth replacement. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this procedure, please call our office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing Your Teeth: The dentist gently shapes your teeth to create support for the new tooth (pontic) in the bridge.

Creating a Temporary Bridge: While the custom bridge is being made in the laboratory, a temporary bridge is placed to protect your teeth and fill the gap left by the missing tooth.

Making a Custom-Fit Bridge: We use digital impressions of your teeth to craft a precise, custom-fit bridge in our laboratory.

Installing a Permanent Placement: After a few weeks, the final custom bridge is ready. It’s then permanently cemented in place. Our goal is to ensure the bridge blends seamlessly with your natural teeth for a beautiful, natural smile.

In most cases, dental bridges require two appointments with the dentist. The first appointment can take up to two hours.

Step 1: The dentist will remove decay and prepare the tooth for the custom crowns that are placed on the teeth on either side of the missing tooth.

Step 2: A digital impression is taken and sent to dental technicians to fabricate the custom made bridge.

Step 3: After about two weeks, after our laboratory has completed the custom bridge, the installation of the final bridge takes roughly 30 minutes.

Yes, a bridge is a great option for single tooth replacement. It is comparable to a dental implant in comfort and durablilty that can last a lifetime.

A dental bridge cost can range from $2,000 to $4,000. Since a bridge spans one or more teeth, each tooth it replaces can add additional cost. Compared to a dental implant, a bridge is more affordable and provides good cosmetic look and feel.

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