Pediatric Dentistry

Our most popular Pediatric Dentistry Services

Dr. Hale, a skilled general dentist in Fort Wayne, excels in pediatric dentistry. His practice offers various services such as pediatric teeth cleanings, first dental exams, baby tooth extractions, and baby root canals. With a strong focus on pediatric dentistry, his practice has become a popular destination for families in the community seeking top-notch dental care for their little ones. Dr. Hale’s gentle and patient approach has earned him a reputation as a dentist who understands the unique needs of children and their developing smiles. Weighted blankets, laughing gas, and a cool teasure drawer are just a few of the things Hale Family Dentistry offers the kids to make their dental visit positive. Parents in Fort Wayne can trust Dr. Hale and his team to provide exceptional care for their children’s dental needs, creating beautiful and lasting smiles.