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Healthy Smiles for the First Infant Exam.

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Health Dental Habits for Your Baby

Many parents mistakenly think the first dental appointment for their child is when they start kindergarten. Here at Hale Family Dentistry, we encourage a visit by age one (as recommended by the American Dental Association). This allows kids to practice healthy dental habits. It also helps them become accustomed to the dentist’s office and all the strange sounds and people there.

Your babys first dental exam can be an infant exam at Hale Dental Fort Wayne

Why Your Child Will LOVE the Visit

We have found the most success in treating children starting at ages one and two. Those are the kids who love coming in and get excited about visiting our office. It’s no joke! Kids LOVE coming to the dentist, and we can help your child love it, too. Your child’s oral health is in good hands with Dr. Jonathan Hale.

We want to make your child’s dental cleaning a positive and welcoming experience. If we don’t see the child until age five or six, it may be too late to make the best first impressions. By bringing your child in early, you are in control of their perception of the dentist, and you can help them craft their own opinion and judgment of the office.

Trust is the key to a good relationship between your child and the dentist. It will ensure they enjoy going and keep them from being afraid of all those scary-looking tools that are used during dental procedures.

What happens at the First Dental Visit?

We love to introduce the children to the dental office as soon as possible. All children are different­–some go at their own pace while others jump right in. The same goes with how they will act in the dental chair. Some may open wide, like a roaring lion. While others may tuck behind a parent afraid to show their sweet face. We cater to each child’s unique needs.

Dr. Hale visually examines the teeth, gums, and jaws. Older children, around four to six years old, may also get diagnostic X-Rays to evaluate for any tooth decay or signs of abnormalities. We call them Cavity-Detecting X-Rays! It’s like our super-power.

Depending on the age of your child, we may have them come at a later time for a teeth cleaning but usually a child teeth cleaning is completed during the same appointment.

A child dental exam is easy and fun. We encourage a visit by age one (as recommended by the American Dental Association). This allows kids to practice healthy dental habits. It also helps them become accustomed to the dentist’s office and all the strange sounds and people there. We have found the most success in oral care and hygiene when you start as early as age one and two.

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Special Needs Children at the Dentist

If you know your child will have a hard time because of anxiety or special needs, we can help! Be sure to mention this when you are scheduling the dentist appointment. We can accommodate most all the needs of special children. Our dentists, hygienists, and assistants have great training and years of experience helping children with disabilities, mental illness, and autistic little ones get the best dental care in Fort Wayne.

Accommodations that Meet your Needs

We go the extra mile by accommodating your needs. At Hale Family Dentistry, we welcome all new patients to tour the office and meet the team prior to coming in for their first dentist appointment. This is especially great for the shy, anxious, or curious child. We will introduce you and your family to our entire staff including the front desk team, our assistants, the hygienists, and the dentist.

From there we can show them a dental operatory and maybe even give them a tour for coming in to see us. It gives peace of mind for the parents and children when they can see how the environment is before committing to it. Our goal is to make people of all ages comfortable in our office.

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How to get your child to love going to the dentist:

  • Always talk positively about the dentist
  • Watch fun videos about brushing teeth
  • Read books about going to the dentist
  • Let them know what to expect
  • Reward good behavior

Healthy Smiles in Fort Wayne

Hale Family Dentistry is here to help! We provide your baby’s first dental exam and it’s crucial to develop healthy habits for them as well as for parents, too. Going to the dentist when your child turns one is recommended by us and the American Dental Association as well. Learning about what types of food and drink your child should consume can affect their dental health.

You can trust that we care for all our patients with love and respect while providing excellent service in a comfortable environment. Our goal is always to provide an exceptional experience so that you know how much we value you and your family’s happiness.

If there are any issues or concerns during treatment, please let us know immediately so we can address them right away! We hope that you choose Hale Family Dentistry for all your children’s needs!

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