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Hale Family Dentistry is family-focused general dentistry with a special interest in pediatric dental care. Being a Pediatric Dentist means we want to see the entire family, grandma and grandpa are welcome, too! Children find that our office offers them a welcoming space to explore, ask questions, and feel at ease with our friendly staff, kid programs, and prize drawer. We take children’s dental care very seriously because it sets the foundation for the rest of their life. Our Fort Wayne office is proud to see kids as young as one-year-old, which is the age the American Dental Association recommends a first dental visit. Learn about how we create healthy smiles for all ages and stages of life.

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Hale Family Dentistry

We realize that children often have special needs when it comes to seeing the dentist. Sometimes it can seem scary and intimidating, or perhaps they’ve been told stories that build anxiety around dental work. We love educating both children and parents on the best way to approach various scenarios about their kid’s oral health journey. Creating positive experiences helps establish a good relationship between children and our dental staff. Our Fort Wayne pediatric dental clinic welcomes you!

Child’s First Dental Exam – Infant Exam

Your child’s first dentist appointment can be as early as age one can set a good foundation for how a child perceives the dental office environment. At our office we have toys in the reception area to play with and we always welcome the kids with smiling faces. At the first appointment, we begin by establishing trust. Some children let us do a complete exam and others are more curious. We realize at Hale Family Dentistry that it can take a few appointments to get comfortable and that is more than ok!

Your babys first dental exam can be an infant exam at Hale Dental Fort Wayne
Pediatric Dental Care in Fort Wayne, Indiana at Hale Dental

Dental Treatment for Kids

Just like adults, children have all kinds of dental treatments done: they get dental fillings, need extractions, and sometimes even need child root canals. At most pediatric dentist offices, nitrous (laughing gas) is given to young patients to help them relax during dental treatment. It is used to take the edge off by reducing anxiety and limiting small movements that help the dentist work faster and more efficiently. Doing quick and precise treatment is important because children have limited patience.

List of Pediatric Dental Services

  • Infant Exams
  • Preventative Dentistry for Children
  • Kids Tooth Extractions
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Baby Root Canal
  • Dental Sealants
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Encouraging healthy dental habits at young age. Your Pediatric Dental Care is here.

Programs to Encourage Good Dental Care

We offer a program called Cavity-Free Club to promote healthy oral care habits. It’s for children under 18 years of age who have been cleared by the dentist for having no cavities! We have so much fun acknowledging our little patients’ hard work, and they love it too! The Cavity-Free Club has proven to be a great motivational tool. Kids of all ages are happy to join the exclusive club, and most importantly, it helps maintain a healthy smile.

Diet and Children’s Dental Health

Sugar is a carbohydrate, and it is one of the most important factors that contribute to tooth decay. When sugar is consumed, it forms a sticky film on teeth called plaque. The bacteria in plaque use the sugar to create acids that attack the tooth enamel. Over time, these acids can cause tooth decay and cavities. The good news is that with daily brushing and flossing, tooth decay can be prevented.

Children are prone to cavities because they eat a lot of sugar. Suckers and fruit snacks are some of the worst treats for teeth, as they’re sticky and filled with sugar. As a parent, it’s crucial to limit sugary drinks and candy throughout the day. Some parents think that baby teeth aren’t important because they lose them eventually, but that is not the way to think about baby teeth. A child doesn’t lose all their baby teeth until pre-teen age and they need those teeth to stay healthy and strong to prevent infection or emergency care for little ones. When each baby tooth is lost prematurely due to decay, it can affect how your little one eats and speaks, and it can damage their self-image early on. A visit to Hale Family Dentistry can teach both you and your children the importance of baby and adult tooth health.

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Pediatric dental care in Fort Wayne doesn’t have to be hard to find. Hale Family Dentistry sees children of all ages and welcomes children as young as one year old! Our services include dental exams, preventative services, extractions, pulpotomies, and programs to encourage good dental care. Start your child off at a place who loves kids and where kids love us, too!

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