Why Your 1-Year-Old Needs a Dentist Appointment

Kids enjoy dentist visits at Hale Dentistry - fun, stress-free care!

Not only does Dr. Hale take a strong interest in child dentistry, but research shows that bringing your kids to the dentist as early as one year old can have a positive impact on their oral health in the long run.

A one-year-old visiting the dentist? Seems early, but it’s not! At age one, children are already deciding what they do and do not like. Taking your child to the dentist at this young age begins to shape their perception of the dentist. This gives your child time to make positive memories about going the dentist and get to know us, too.

We even have a special appointment called “First Infant Exam” for children who are experiencing their first dental exam at or before age one!

Think of it like this: A child is more likely to love going to the dentist if their first experience is fun, experimental, and cavity-free. A child who has not seen the dentist until he or she is older is more likely to be diagnosed with cavities or require sealants which doesn’t make their first experience as fun or exciting compared to the one-year-old. First-time parents often have many questions for Dr. Hale about how to care for their little one’s teeth, but coming in early starts off on the right foot by developing healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

The dentist office is an unfamiliar place to young ones, no matter what age! There are bright shiny lights, doctors in funny glasses, and even scarier, they want to see inside your mouth. Getting a child into the office, even if it is just to explore the operatory room and meet the dentist, has a huge impact on how they will behave at their future appointments.

It is often unknown whether a young child will let Dr. Hale see inside their mouth or allow our hygienist to clean their teeth. This should not be a cause for concern because it is more important for young children to experience being a dental patient than it is to clean their teeth. This will help your child build trust in us as their oral care provider and confidence in their own oral care journey.


About Dr. Jonathan Hale

Dr. Jonathan Hale is a dentist in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the founder of Hale Family Dentistry. He is a graduate of Indiana University School of Dentistry and Diplomate of Dental Sleep Medicine with the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

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