Lexi Parker


  • Student at Indiana University Fort Wayne Studying Dental Hygiene
  • Expanded Functions Dental Assistant
  • Radiology Certificate
  • CPR Certified



Lexi Joins Hale Family Dentistry Team

We welcomed Lexi to the Hale Family Dentistry team in the Fall of 2022. Coming from a small town in Southern Indiana, Lexi has held fast to her ambition of helping those in need. After graduating high school, she ventured to Indianapolis determined to put her career in dentistry into motion, starting as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant.

Future Dental Hygienist

Now a student at Indiana University Fort Wayne School of Dentistry studying for a degree in Dental Hygiene, she is determined to educate and help those with limited access to oral care. Her patients can attest to her friendly aura and humble intelligence – they appreciate the personal touches she brings where it matters most: their own dental health care.

Life outside of the Dental Clinic

When she’s not working, you can find her shopping at Target or eating at a yummy restaurant downtown. She loves that it’s impossible to not find something to go home with from Target and she will forever appreciate good food. While doing one of those two things, you’ll always see a loved one with her. Although she does appreciate her alone time at home, her social cup is always best filled while out and about, making memories.

She doesn’t have any kids, pets, or collectibles, but she is most proud of her drive and independence. She loves knowing that she is capable of doing whatever she is willing to put effort into. When she was just five years old, she was sure she’d dress up and wear high heels every day as an adult. However, at this point in her life she’s most content without makeup, hair in a ponytail, and helping others.

Determination & Goals

Throughout life, she has learned that being surrounded by people who are both willing and able to help you reach your goals is much more important than anything else. Life is far too short for anything less! We couldn’t be more thankful for Lexi’s commitment and are truly lucky that she has joined us here at Hale Family Dentistry. See Lexi at your next dentist appointment!

Dr. Jonathan Hale
Phyllis Dettmer