Tasha Stewart

Dental Hygienist

  • Masters in Public Health Administration
  • Registered dental hygienist with the Indiana Board of Dentistry
  • Dental X-Ray qualified with the State of Indiana
  • Continuing education courses required annually to maintain license
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Mollie Elliot


Dental Hygienist

We welcomed Tasha to the team in September of 2021. Tasha has been a practicing dental hygienist for about eight years. A native of Gary, Indiana, she moved here in 2011 to attend Indiana University. She boasts that “Dentistry chose me,” and we’re so happy it did!

You will rarely find her without a smile. She brings light and energy to the dentist’s office with her sense of humor and welcoming personality. She is a perfectionist in her work, and perfection is a great skill to have in dentistry. She loves meeting new patients and sharing her robust knowledge of oral care. She has a very gentle technique that will make you feel refreshed after every cleaning.

Her passion for educating patients about oral care inspired her to continue learning. Tasha is currently pursuing a master’s degree at Purdue University Fort Wayne. Her goal is to be a thought leader in educating others in public healthcare, including the dental care she knows so well. She stays up to date with the ever-changing dental research by participating in continuing education events hosted in Indiana and Fort Wayne.

In Tasha’s spare time (which is a rare find), she enjoys painting, skating, shopping, and participating in the fellowship with her church. She is happily married and has five children. She refers to her son as a prince and her four daughters as princesses, and deservingly so. She is most proud of her large family, and we salute her for all the hard work she does in the home and in the workplace, too.

“Being married with children has taught me that life is so much better when you have loved ones to spend it with.”

Meet Tasha at your next teeth cleaning and leave with sparkling clean teeth and a new attitude about hygienists. Schedule an appointment today!